Thursday, March 26, 2009

States of Matter

As a new teacher, I have learned to judge students states of emotions. You learn which students to watch carefully within a few days of being with them. Some you watch to see if they have taken their medicine, because you know their parents have an addiction to the medicine and often times take it themselves instead of giving it to their children. You learn to watch for the students who might walk into your classroom with bags under their eyes because they have been up all night listening to their parents (or the people they are currently staying with) fighting all night.You learn to look for certain facial expressions from your students. For example, if child a comes in, doesnt talk to anyone and sits at his desk, its going to be a bad day. They have been yelled at at home, and the teachers around them expect nothing less than for them to mess up again. And then you have an unexpected day... a day when one of your quieter students comes up to you with a big smile on his face telling you that his dad is getting out of prison today, and as a second grader, they know nothing more than that their wonderful awesome dad is finally coming back home. States of matter. States of happiness. States of confusion. The point of this blog is not complain about bad parenting or the lack of caring some people have for small children. The point of this blog is about compassion. I have found throughout my 2 months of student teaching that simply caring can change a person. Caring about what they did last night. Caring about where their lost paper is. Caring enough to take 5 seconds to re-explain the directions. Caring that when they get home, their dad that they havent seen for a while will be out of prison. Caring enough to rub their back, and simply say I'm proud of your work today, and I think you are a great person. Caring. Its not money. Its not clothes. Its not a sticker because they finally did something right. Its giving a little piece of yourself to someone for nothing more than a smile. Caring. It can changes someones state of matter from liquid water, something lifeless and takes the shape to whatever it ice-something strong, concrete, has a definate shape, and stands alone. Tell someone you truly care. It will make a difference.